Mulch is a beautiful enhancement to your finished landscape. At Fairview Tree Farm, we offer expert mulch installation and can finish with a professional edge cut.

We always stock high quality triple ground native bark mulch that is color enhanced to a wonderful deep brown Cocoa color. We also have natural bark mulch if you prefer. We carry playground mulch that can safely add protection under your swing set or playscape. We stock our own wood chips both new or composted, these can offer great savings when mulching a large area.

We sell mulch by the cubic yard and can carry up to 12 yards to your site per truckload. Larger loads are available. Delivery rates beyond local will have an increase in rate. We offer delivery or pick up at the farm with appointment.

The proper initial depth for mulch installation is 3 inches thick.
1 cubic yard of mulch covers approximately100 Sq. Ft of area at 3 inches thick. For remulching an existing bed, 2 inches may suffice that should cover about 130 Sq. Ft

Minimum Quantities: All Topsoil and Mulch picked up at our farm have a $45 minimum purchase. You must call ahead for an appointment to load products.

Premium Screened Topsoil – $50/yard delivered with 4 yd. minimum
Premium Organic garden Compost – $45/yard delivered with 3 yard minimum, $35 per yard picked up
Cocoa Brown Bark Mulch – $45/yard delivered with 4 yard minimum
All Colored Mulches available (Black, Red) call for pricing!!
We also carry clean and screened fill by the load
3/4 Gravel – $32/yard
3/4 Process – $32/yard
Sand – $38/yard
Stone Dust – $33/yard

Call for your delivery order today!